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Want to stand out and make a great first impression?  

How much is the right image worth to your buyer? 

Want to know how to build self-confidence and inspire other?

Living in the Google era is not that easy to pass unnoticed when anyone can search for you with just a click…

My mission is to work with people who believe in achieving their dreams, who are willing to put the effort required, and who want to use their knowledge as a vehicle to make their lives and the world a better place.

I have guide and helped; millennials, entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, artists, in creating a rocking inspiration message, a perfect pitch, their presence on stage, and  transformed their attitude from Crapy to Happy realizing there were born to succeed no matter what.


The right look and the right words can make a big difference in feeling self-worth and becoming confident in your own skin or not.

It is your time to stop being invisible and feeling not worthy of accomplishing the life you deserve to live now.

I can assure you by working for years with many amazing clients in different business positions that; image and words are the most powerful asset when joint together with the right way. They will work for you 200% guarantee!

Recognize and embrace your potential

If your friends and colleges tell you that you have a privilege and creative, unconventional brain and sometimes it’s a challenge for you getting focus, motivating or defining which direction you should follow, my unconventional brain and I would love to meet and work with you!

Imagine the feeling you can experience to have someone to call when you need valuable feedback with respect and compassion, but with no sugar coating. Someone that’s there to look over you and help unveil a solution for your challenge or infuse your ideas.

Let’s get together and talk about your vision, your image, your ambitions, your message, your sales offerings words, your dream income, your habits, your pains, let us unlock your true potential.

This is what happens when you recognize and embrace your potential:

The right people will be Attracted to you.

People start to consider and look up to you even more.

New people want to interact with you

Your opinion becomes valuable and essential for others.

Seek your advice for critical issues.

Any competition you may have will fear the new you.

Feel inspired to be around you.

Instantly Happy to do business with you.

And much more…You got the idea!

I’ll make a deal with you:

We’ll work together to design one of a kind plan that you can put in place to increase your opportunities, relationships, and revenue.

I will teach you the Mind to Mind communication™ skills to influence your success and get what you want. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Let’s polish your stage and online presence. Let’s Up-grade your image, speaking skills and your courage to ask for what you deserve and get the freedom, happiness, joy, and income you deserve!

The Power of Action

My most vulnerable inner thoughts…

By the time, I came to understand the world, and I knew I was different. I decided to learn about the simple things in life that have a profound impact on what we do. I grew up with an insatiable curiosity to know the reason for things.

I accepted that life is not a point of arrival where it is only about survival, but an opportunity to achieve what we want with effort and dedication.

I refused to accept that the only option was to become a simple automaton in society and follow the path that others installed in our minds.

For me, life is an adventure where the goal is to get out of the rough reality that we sometimes allow ourselves to be imposed and achieve the creation of the essential truth that we all want and deserve to live.

That fundamental reality is the exact and mathematical result of your state of consciousness. If you change your state of consciousness, you change your life. It is that simple.

When you learn to negotiate with your mind, recognize how and what installs fear in it, you will be able to achieve freedom.

When I started learning and understanding and mastered the practice of communication principles, the laws of the true state of consciousness and the secrets of negotiation with success, I was able to consciously design, create and live the most amazing reality, we all deserve.

Reaching the life, we dream can be a steep road, I know because I have gone that path many times and I can validate that it is possible.

However, I can guarantee you that the end is better than the beginning.

In that moment you will discover and convince yourself that the effort was worth it If you are committed get the freedom, happiness, joy and income you deserve! I’ll be next to you and that’s a deal!

Connect with Success

There are those who do not hold any title at the door of their office, but everyone recognizes them as his or her leader.

The secret to being recognized as a leader is the ability to turn your message into action. The principle of any successful negotiation lies in knowing how to communicate clearly and directly. Words create or destroy. A simple gesture implies emotions, and the coherence between both defines the outcome of the encounter.

The ability and use of your communication skills can support or hurt your credibility, authenticity or image.

When you connect assertively and decode how others communicate you can be at better service to them.


In our sessions, workshops, and seminars you will discover from a neuroscience approach, the talents, and abilities you have developed through the years.

Together we will help you do your personal and professional inventory. Understanding what are your strengths and what is your areas of opportunities for growth.

As a result, you will discover and modify what stops you from living the life you deserve. Through powerful strategies of negotiation and neurolinguistics communication, we gain access to that parallel world where resides the successful person that you know you can be.

We guide you into a new awareness of yourself, by learning the secrets on how to reprogram your body language, the tone of voice, vocabulary, histrionic skills and emotional well-being you will reach your goal in achieving your transformation.


Your internal satisfaction and success will be born when you begin to live a life that is faithful to your concepts. You can align everything when you define your goals: income, emotional and spiritual health, prosperity and self-confidence. With my help, you will discover the inner richness that you brought to this world, and help you be the contribution to humanity that you desire.

Together we will find your life’s purpose. It will allow you to negotiate compassionately, with powerful tools, until you reach the life you deserve to live

“Life is a beautiful gift, and when we understand its innate value, we overcome our fears and reach our greatness.”

Martiña Reyes, Master NLP, DTM

Mind to Mind connection

“Understanding the secret of why you do what do, why others react the way they do to what you do and how to use it to promote your ideas, will change your life.”- Martiña Reyes©

On this online individual or group calls or micro mind Power Lab. events gives you hot seat time with Martina. Designed to discover what are your strengths and what is your area of the opportunity for growth. You will understand how to use your personal and professional inventory to achieve your most secret precious dreams you forgot.

Unleashing your subconscious

Just you and Martiña

unveiling the potential of your mind for success

Let’s connect!

Let’s connect if you are a creative creature with an unconventional brain:

My life is a total rigid routine with no fun, and I need a change

I'm determinate to start a new life and need to upgrade my confidence

I need to learn the secret on how to use my words to better my sales offerings.

I was looking for a unique mentor like you to learn ALL the things about seducing the subconscious with my words

Upgrade my power pitch and visual presentations

I'm just looking for an innovated reality check masterclass group (this keeps my feet on the ground and my mind focus) for motivation, inspiration + fresh new ways to increase my revenues!

Mind to Mind connection

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“The Difference Between Pitching and Selling can kill or save your deal

Don’t fake it until you make it, look and sound like you mean it!”

Martiña Reyes, Master NLP, DTM

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